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Work Study Program

The sales department is one of the busiest departments in the dealership. More customers are seen daily than any other department in the organization. During this 10-week work-study program, you will gain an understanding of how to perform a customer needs analysis, differentiate a lease vs. finance, and more.


•General Dealership Training - How all departments within a dealership work together for the customer

•Receptionist - Answer phone, stock in vehicles, schedule drivers for deliveries and dealer trades, etc.

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  • Detail - New Vehicle Prep, Delivery Prep

  • Lot Merchandising - Lot display, quality photographs, FTC Sticker placement

WEEK 3-4

  • Product Specialist - Manufacturer training, product knowledge, Walk-around presentations


WEEK 5-6

  • New Sales - Manufacturer Training, Understand Lease vs. Finance

  • Used Sales - Reconditioning Process, Certification of Used Vehicles, Special Finance Process

WEEK 7-8

• Finance - Shadow and work with an F&I Specialist to understand how a deal is structured from start to finish, what paperwork is entailed, how to present Insurance Product, and more

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WEEK 9-10

• One-on-One meeting with Management to discuss area of greatest interest. The remainder of the program, the student will be focused here.

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