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work study opportunities

Reineke Family Dealerships is committed to building our workforce from the inside as it is key to the success of our organization. This 10-week Work-Study Program will consist of rotating through various positions within the department of interest. Having a comprehensive understanding of the defined department allows us to deliver an exceptional experience for our customer.

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Work-study program

Building our workforce for the Future.


Department Training

  • Apply for available position

  • Interview with respective department manager(s)

  • Why should they be chosen for this program?

Management Insight & Engagement

  • Base level – Master level training

  • Shadow & work hands-on within each position

Exit Interview



  • Cultivate working relationship with direct report

  • Structured one-on-ones throughout the program to gain a different perspective on the business and daily responsibilities

  • Provide Management a presentation regarding what the student learned over the 10-week program.

  • Assess program success and opportunities.

  • Discussion of future employment opportunities.


School Locator

Reach out to our Human Resources department for more information!

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